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Welcome to the world of BLACKCOCO's - Premium Coconut Natural Charcoal

Highest quality and best taste in perfection

Anyone who sits down with friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues to smoke hookah together is primarily interested in enjoyment and relaxation. No annoying smoke, no unwanted odors and certainly no unpleasant taste should cloud the smoking pleasure. Unfortunately, conventional hookah fuels based on charcoal often combine all three undesirable effects. Thus, the pleasure quickly turns into an ordeal and instead of the hoped-for relaxation, an annoyed and strained atmosphere sets in.

As passionate Shisha connoisseurs, we have therefore developed BLACKCOCO's charcoal, which combines excellent taste characteristics with an excellent quality and a pronounced sustainability. Our natural charcoal is largely smoke-free, odorless and without its own taste. It produces few sparks and, with a maximum ash content of 2.5 percent, is exceptionally clean. And even the tiny ash residue is ideal as a high-quality plant fertilizer for indoor or balcony plants. This closes the circle of sustainability, in which no raw material is wasted.

All raw materials used come from Indonesia, where our natural charcoal is also produced under strictly controlled conditions. As a result, we offer you a unique product that does no harm to people or the environment and that you can use with a clear conscience. Incidentally, carbonization is an extremely energy-efficient process with values approaching 100 percent, making it far superior to other methods.

Excellent properties and versatile applications

We have developed BLACKCOCO's premium coconut charcoal mainly for hookah smokers and have put all our efforts into the quality of a product that we ourselves are completely enthusiastic about. We are all the more pleased to see that more and more BBQ professionals are using our natural charcoal for high-quality barbecuing. The BBQ fans appreciate, just like the Shisha smokers, the low smoke development, the unobtrusive smell and the neutral taste. Our natural charcoal is even suitable for extensive grilling sessions on the balcony, as the neighbors are not disturbed in the process.

BLACKCOCO's Premium Coconut Natural Charcoal burns significantly longer than charcoal and lasts up to 100 minutes. Our 1 kilo packages with 64 natural charcoal cubes are not only extremely decorative, but also particularly space-saving during transport and storage. Our product is completely free of chemical additives, has been optimized for an unadulterated taste experience, offers outstanding properties during combustion and makes an active contribution to a healthy environment and sustainable business.

Enjoy the extremely low smoke development and let yourself be inspired by the neutral taste of the natural charcoal. Order your 1 kilo package with a total of 64 coal cubes in the format 26 x 26 x 26 mm either in our web store or on Amazon. We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer of BLACKCOCO's.


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