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Premium hookah charcoal
48 x 22 mm
Even, long burning
No inherent taste
Absolutely free of chemistry
Strictly controlled
6,95 €
(Grundpreis 6,95 € per 1 kg)

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Item number: BC2220 | EAN: 4260421350214

Long burning time and ingenious cut: BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES3

In the search for coals that offer more than just corners and edges, you will surely end up with our great BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES3 coals. The name says it all and offers you a cut that, when put together, makes a circle. Three parts can be arranged so that you can optimally cover your chimney top with it. Ingeniously simple, scalable even for larger sessions and our high quality standards enough, we offer you this product in our online store. We always make sure that our development is uncompromising and straightforward - always the satisfaction of our customers in mind. Our CIRCLES3 are free of chemical additives and offer a long burning time of up to 90 minutes - which can cover a large area on your fireplace top in a row of other CIRCLES3 parts.

Discovering the different products and trying out their various properties until you find your perfect setup: that's exactly the appeal of hookah smoking. And with our wide range of great products, we enable you to start right there and find the right product for your hookah, adapted to your wishes and needs. To make it easier for you to find your way around our product range, we will show you the different products and their features. We start with BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES3 charcoal.

From three to one: scalable natural charcoal for all conceivable applications

Our customers' needs are so diverse that we come around the corner with a large product portfolio and always add one more: Why offer just one big, circular block of carbon if the need isn't always there? That's exactly why we have our ingenious CIRLCE series, which allows you to use several sections from one large circle, so that you always use only what you really need. Combined with this natural product, this comes very close to sustainability. So, if you don't want to put your fireplace top completely under fire, it is enough to use only one or two sections.

The dimensions of BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES3, which correspond to a diameter of about 48 x 22 mm, offer you a lot of possibilities to arrange them according to your needs. The long burn time of up to 90 minutes ensures that your session can be extended accordingly. Like many other products, the CIRCLES3 were created due to high demand and positive feedback from our customers, resulting in a product by customers for customers. Among other things, the CIRCLES3 are also perfect to find a new owner as a gift and thus offer others a great smoking and taste experience. Check out our online store and surprise with it at the next birthday party the birthday boy or girl!

"Goodbye" annoying own taste and "Hello" to more enjoyment!

How can you get more flavor when smoking hookah? Among other things, by heating the tobacco evenly and eliminating the charcoal's own flavor through additives. This is achieved, among other things, by one of the main properties of natural coals: the even burning. This is particularly important, as it can directly influence the taste. Likewise, the coals with your texture ensure that tapping with a coal tongs easily succeeds and thus loses its horror. "Goodbye" also to annoying ash piles and broken pieces of coal, which may spoil your smoking experience. All BLACKCOCO's natural coals are designed to give you the best smoking experience possible, so you can focus on it. We only achieve this with our regular testing and strict quality control of every single batch. We live this and want only the best product to reach you.

Another important characteristic of our charcoal is its neutral taste. We offer you a natural product on a premium level, which is very different from other competitors. The elimination of any chemicals during production and processing is a key point - so our products are better tolerated and healthier compared to other competitors, which often use chemical additives.

Burning time: 90 Minutes
Recommendation: Kamin Coal Box
Suitable for: Alufolie Kamin Coal Box One Coal
Content: 1 KG
Coal dimensions: 48 x 22 MM
Number of coals / content: 90 coals

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