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Premium hookah charcoal
50 x 25 mm
Even, long burning
No inherent taste
Absolutely free of chemistry
Strictly controlled
6,95 €
(Grundpreis 6,95 € per 1 kg)

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Item number: BC2320 | EAN: 4260421350252

Natural charcoal with long burning time: BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES4

The optimal coordination of the tobacco and the charcoal used decisively determine your taste experience when smoking hookah. So that you can always keep this experience at a high level, we have the right product for you: Our natural coals BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES4 in a special design with an extra long burning time. Our development follows uncompromisingly and straightforwardly our credo to always offer the best products and to put the satisfaction of our customers in the foreground. Free of chemical additives, we have created a product with the CIRCLES4, which with a very long burn time of up to 100 minutes and its scalable fit can fire any attachment, no matter how large, evenly and long-lasting.

Shisha smokers are always explorers and this is exactly the characteristic we address with our great products: To help you find new during your journey of discovery for the Ideal designed setup for an unforgettable taste experience, we offer you a great product. On the journey of discovery we also compare other cuts in our program and show you many positive features that makes our charcoal special and why it stands out from conventional suppliers. We will start with BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES4, which is a popular buy for demanding and large setups.

Ingenious layout: scalable with 50 x 25 mm also perfectly suitable for large setups

With the use of the equipment used, the need for the required coal arises. So you can easily find out the right cut; the fit is easy to see and if you don't want to fire the whole area, you can simply put together the desired size from a circle that has four quarters. This will fire your fireplace top just right, depending on how much tobacco you want to smoke with how many friends.

Due to the perfect dimensions, with 50 x 25 mm, you get with our BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES4 a natural charcoal that meets the different requirements of many spoiled hookah smokers with its up to 100-minute burning time and the form factor. Years of experience in the field of natural coals ensure that we can always offer you the right product for all applications. Last but not least, our cuts and products are also based on the feedback of our valued customers, which originates especially thanks to our social media appearances and regular surveys. Thus, we are able to offer a product by and for our customers. BLACKCOCO's CIRCLES4 offer a very special gift to the recipient, because this is a premium product, which is also scalable - the gifted connoisseur of good taste will have his true pleasure.

Even burning and no annoying inherent taste? For sure!

One, if not the one, main feature of our great BLACKCOCO's natural products is the even burning of the coals. Without any annoying side effects, the constant burning ensures an even temperature distribution and thus a consistent, pleasant taste of the tobacco. This already sets our products apart from those of other competitors. Another advantage is that this process also means that tapping off the ash using coal tongs loses its horror and can be done quite easily - without nasty piles of ash or even breaking off pieces that could make themselves independent and possibly endanger you or the environment. Our coals are all designed to give you the best smoking and flavor experience possible. Through our online store, you have the opportunity to select any missing accessories, directly when ordering. Thus, everything comes from a single source and at a balanced price and performance ratio to you.

We have established high standards and strict quality controls in our purchasing and processing process, which ensure that you always receive a natural product at premium level, which convinces by the absence of any chemicals during production and post-processing. By not using chemical additives, we set ourselves apart from other suppliers and you benefit from this in many ways: Unlike other products, our products are compatible and healthier compared to those of other competitors. In addition, our coals burn without their own taste and thus offer you maximum flavor.

Burning time: 100 Minutes
Recommendation: Alufolie Coal Box
Suitable for: Alufolie Kamin Coal Box One Coal
Content: 1 KG
Coal dimensions: 50 x 25 MM
Number of coals / content: 96 coals
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